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Imagine the perfect gift for those who cherish new experiences. Picture yourself embarking on a journey through time in the enchanting streets of Prague with VR Guide Me.

As you walk through the city, guided by a knowledgeable tour guide, you’re not just seeing Prague’s famed monuments; you’re about to experience their historical essence. At select, magical stops, we introduce an extraordinary twist: virtual reality glasses. Slip them on, and suddenly, you’re transported back in time. These same spots, rich in history, come alive, showing you their past glory.


How to buy the Gift Card?

After purchase, we’ll send the voucher to the email you provided. This gift voucher enables the recipient to experience a unique historical journey in Prague through our VR glasses. With them, the visitor can see how Prague looked in various historical epochs. Below, you’ll find all the details regarding this thrilling gift.

When you click on the “Select voucher” button, you will be taken to the booking system:

1- Select how many gift cards you want to purchase.

2- Then choose the amount you want to purchase for the Gift Card. The price for our experience per adult is 550 CZK / child and student 450 CZK.

Example 1 – If you want to give a Gift Card to one person valid for two adults, choose 1 Gift Card with the amount of 1.100 CZK.

Example 2- If you want to give one Gift Card to a family (2 adults and one child), you choose the option “Custom” and enter the amount of 1.550 CZK (2x Adults 1.100 CZK and 1x child 450 CZK).

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You will use the code from the voucher directly when booking the date. Then, you’ll enter the code into the ‘Redeem Gift Voucher’ field.

This gift is absolute perfection, granting the recipient the freedom to choose when to use it. It’s an exciting way to explore the rich history of this beautiful city! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@vrguideme.cz or by phone at +420 608 737 876. Thank you for this unforgettable experience!

Nehuén ReyNehuén Rey
18:43 14 Nov 23
Just spectacular!Super dynamic and personalized. Everything is perfect, the tour, the duration, and obviously the augmented reality, that adds that extra special touch.Particularly Gaby, our guide, had the best attitude and disposition. A 10/10 in every way!
Yulia EkkYulia Ekk
20:36 12 Nov 23
dreams come true! I enjoyed the VR tour a lot!
Jevgenia OlarJevgenia Olar
14:17 06 Nov 23
This was truly the best tour of the city I’ve ever been a part of.No boring details and dates, only interesting information, great VR experience.Different historical eras also.We are locals and yet we heard a lot of new informations and been shown some interesting views through this amazing technology.Thank you so so much, I highly recommend 🙏🏼
Stella HurstStella Hurst
15:50 04 Nov 23
The program was interesting and I found out how some buildings looked in other centuries.
Roman HroníkRoman Hroník
15:49 04 Nov 23
It was amazing enjoyment.
Tania CalbanoTania Calbano
16:24 23 Oct 23
very original
elgrani 19elgrani 19
16:21 23 Oct 23
Very interesting and original
Beñat AiastuiBeñat Aiastui
16:20 23 Oct 23
Iñigo LeteIñigo Lete
16:20 23 Oct 23
A very interesting experience
OierMuji 26OierMuji 26
16:20 23 Oct 23
Cata LavandeiraCata Lavandeira
10:59 27 Aug 23
Gabi was an amazing guide. I wanted to do the tour on a day they did not have enough people. She was very nice and offered many possibilities so I could enjoy the experience. We finally found the perfect day and despite being a little rainy, it was a very cool tour. I learned a lot about the history of Prague and had so much fun.Thank you Gabi and team! Can’t wait to try it out in another city!
Natalia CesareoNatalia Cesareo
12:37 30 May 23
We loved it! My sister and I were looking for different way to experiance Prague and we came across VR Guide me. It was very interesting and Marco showed us places and talk about different historical events than usual "Old Town" guides. Marco was a kind, professional and patience describing and translating for our multi language group tour. Definitely recommend VR Tour!
Laysa KhiderLaysa Khider
08:24 24 May 23
Amazing expérience!! Marco is passionate about what he does and the team has a great positive energy! We litteraly traveled in time at each stop ! The quality of the images is incredible, every detail is important and is charged with meaning and history ! It is the best way to visit the city and learn but mostly integrate the history of this amazing city ! We absolutely recommend it for foreigners but also locals . Thank you so much for this memorable experience, Laysa K.
Philipp SchädlerPhilipp Schädler
16:42 18 May 23
This afternoon we had a wonderful virtual reality tour with our guide Lenka through the history of Prague. The virtual reality experience was really great, and we highly enjoyed the tour! We can only recommend to have the tour once you’re in Prague!
Tina NovákováTina Nováková
17:03 12 May 23
Amazing tour if you are up to trying something new and modern! However, be prepare to walk for 2 hours so I recommend taking water with you :). Enjoy beautiful Prague!