Gift a unique

experience in Prague

The perfect gift: a gift voucher for a walking tour of Prague with a time travel. With the gift voucher code, you can book the experience for the date of your choice!

Still have doubts?

Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone +420 608 737 876 or email with any questions you may have.


How to buy the Gift Card?

After purchase, we’ll send the voucher to the email you provided. This gift voucher enables the recipient to experience a unique historical journey in Prague through our VR glasses. With them, the visitor can see how Prague looked in various historical epochs. Below, you’ll find all the details regarding this thrilling gift.

When you click on the “Select voucher” button, you will be taken to the booking system:

1- Select how many gift cards you want to purchase.

2- Then choose the amount you want to purchase for the Gift Card. The price for our experience per adult is 690 CZK / child and student 590 CZK.

Example 1 – If you want to give a Gift Card to one person valid for two adults, choose 1 Gift Card with the amount of 1.380 CZK.

Example 2- If you want to give one Gift Card to a family (2 adults and one child), you choose the option “Custom” and enter the amount of 1.970 CZK (2x Adults 1.380 CZK and 1x child 590 CZK).

Example 3- If you want to purchase a gift card for several people separately, in the first step choose the number of Gift Card and then choose the value of the voucher.

The buyer can choose a gift voucher in various price categories, allowing them to select the perfect gift based on the recipient’s tastes and preferences.

This voucher can be used at any time within 8 months from its purchase. The recipient can easily choose the day and time that suits them best.

After purchase, we’ll send the voucher to the email provided by you. The email will also contain a unique code.

You will use the code from the voucher directly when booking the date. Then, you’ll enter the code into the ‘Redeem Gift Voucher’ field.

This gift is absolute perfection, granting the recipient the freedom to choose when to use it. It’s an exciting way to explore the rich history of this beautiful city! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or by phone at +420 608 737 876. Thank you for this unforgettable experience!